The Crime Prevention Unit provides seminars upon request for any MIT department or organization. These programs aim to enhance personal safety and safeguard property through education and awareness. These interactive presentations are provided to any group upon request. For more information on any of the lists programs please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at: 617-253-9755.

Streetwise and Safe

This program will heighten your awareness and provide you with several tips for your personal safety while on or off campus; while walking, driving or in your home. Don't assume "Nothing will happen to me." This valuable program can be provided in 30 or 60 minutes presentations. For scheduling contact Captain Andrew Turco.

Office Protection

A program to assess the vulnerability of your office to theft. We will discuss anti-theft devices, petty cash procedures, key control and computer theft prevention measures. For scheduling, contact Captain Andrew Turco.

Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Awareness Class

The MIT Police Department in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Management offers an Active Shooter Awareness training to help MIT community members understand what to do in the event of an emergency. For scheduling, contact Captain Andrew Turco.

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