Lost Property Definition

Lost property is something missing from its rightful owner by means of forgetting where it was left. Lost property differs from stolen property in that stolen property is something that has purposely been removed from the rightful owner. Lost property, however, can become stolen property if someone finds something, but intentionally does not return it to its rightful owner or turn it over to the police.

The central Lost and Found is located at MIT Police headquarters, Building W89, 301 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139. Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are encouraged to inquire about lost or misplaced articles. You may inquire in person or call us at 617-253-2996.

Items found should be delivered to MIT Police Headquarters, Building W89. If you are unable to deliver the item to any of these locations please call the MIT Police at x3-1212 and notify the officer to have the item picked up. Unclaimed items will be held for at least 30 days, after which time items not suitable for auction will be donated to a charitable organization. The remaining unclaimed or abandoned property will be delivered to Property Room.Com, Inc. and sold by internet auction posted on http://www.propertyroom.com/ . Anyone claiming lost and found property at the MIT Police must show positive identification such as an MIT id, or a driver's license.

Your Name or that of the person who lost an item
Phone number where you or the owner can be reached
Email address for owner or someone we can contact
e.g. "Phone", "Car Keys", "Laptop"
If available, please leave the serial number
Please leave a detailed description of the item lost to help speed up the process in case there happen to be other, similar items turned in