Call 617-253-1212 in an Emergency

  • Call our Police Dispatch at 617-253-1212 to report a crime, accident, or incident. Or dial 100 from any MIT campus phone.
  • The MIT Police do not monitor this website 24/7.
  • Reports are not accepted online or by email.
  • Calls to 911 go to the Massachusetts State Police then the Cambridge or Boston Police - not MIT Police.

It is MIT's policy to protect the rights of all individuals and to safeguard the welfare of everyone in the MIT community. All members of the MIT community are expected to conduct themselves with proper respect for one another and for each other's property.

Blue Light Emergency Telephones

  • Blue light emergency telephones are located across campus, parking garages, and some basement corridor locations.
  • Use them to report criminal or medical emergencies and all calls will be answered by the MIT Police.

Visit MIT Police Headquarters

  • Criminal activity or emergencies can also be reported by going to MIT Police Headquarters at 565-570 Memorial Drive, Building W91, Cambridge, MA 02139.

If you See Something, Say Something: Report Suspicious Activity

At times, people return to their office or lab and find a stranger inside. The stranger usually has a "cover" story, such as looking for employment or trying to find some person. Regardless of the story provided, take close notice of the intruder's appearance (age, height, weight, clothing, etc.) and notify the MIT Police as soon as it safe to do so.

DO NOT FORCEFULLY CONFRONT INTRUDERS or PURSUE THEM when they flee. Such action involves a high degree of risk, and has in the past resulted in assaults upon the victim of the crime. It is more helpful to be able to provide a good description of an intruder and their direction of flight.