Crime prevention is defined as “the anticipation, the recognition, and the appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it.” Crime prevention is a proactive strategy designed to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities before a crime actually occurs.

At Work:

  • Create a safety plan with your colleagues
  • Be aware of your environment - you are the best judge of who "belongs" in your workplace. Trust your instincts - unusual or suspicious circumstances should be reported to the MIT Police at 3-1212 or 617-253-1212
  • Report defective lighting, locks or phones to MIT Facilities

When You Park:

  • Lock your car. Do not leave valuables in sight in your car. Lock them in the trunk if you must leave them in the car.
  • Before driving, lock your doors and put on your seatbelt.

When You Are Walking:

  • Body language counts! Walk with confidence. Show that you are aware and in control
  • Do not wear headphones or ear buds.
  • Whenever possible, walk with at least one other person
  • Use well lit, well-traveled routes. Consider using Safe Ride or public transportation after dark
  • When approaching your car or your door, get your keys out in advance. Don't fumble for your keys at the door
  • Consider carrying a small, readily available, high-intensity flash light
  • If you believe you are being followed, call the police (9-1-1) if off campus on campus utilize a blue light emergency phone or call 617-253-1212.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while walking – it is often a target for thieves. Apple picking, if you use an iPhone.
  • It is recommended that you call someone to tell them where you are, where you're going, the travel route you're taking, and when you expect to call them to advise that you've arrived at your destination.

If You Are Victimized:

  • When faced with robbery, surrender your valuables, don't risk your life for your property
  • Have a safety plan. What if someone were to rob you what would you do?
  • As soon as safety permits, you are encouraged to report any crime to the police and provide the best possible description of the robber(s) and where the incident occurred.

Your Computer:

Most laptops are lightweight and compact, making it easy to move from place to place. This is as convenient for you as it is for a thief. The ease in movability, combined with an excellent resale value, makes this equipment extremely attractive to a thief. You wouldn’t leave $1,000 cash sitting on a table unattended, don’t leave your laptop sitting unattended!

Preventing a Theft:

  • A thief only needs minutes to accomplish his/her task.
  • Store this information in a safe place that is quickly accessible if the items are stolen.
  • Report suspicious people any hour of the day to the MIT Police at 100 or 3-1212