The Collier Medal was created to honor the memory of Officer Sean Collier. On April 18, 2013, Officer Collier was shot and killed while protecting and serving MIT (see related news story). Through the Medal, Officer Collier will live on as a lasting part of the MIT community. Sean had a passionate curiosity that led him to learn and experience life in a way that energized others and created invaluable community connections.

Criteria for Award
In honor of Sean’s model citizenship that far transcended his work, the Collier Medal will be given to an individual or group that demonstrates one or all of the following:
• Is an unsung hero whose actions demonstrate belief in the concept of “community” and whose contributions exceed the boundaries of one’s profession
• Volunteers their time by performing service to colleagues and/or community, and contribute to building bridges across the community
• Distinguishes themselves by creating an environment where going the extra mile is a way of being, and by reaching for a new standard that helps contribute to successful community outreach
• Consistently and selflessly performs acts of kindness that contribute to building and connecting the Institute and our community.

Selection Process
The selection committee evaluates the nominations based on how well they meet the specific criteria of the award. Committee members may speak to additional contacts given on the nomination form to gain further insight. The committee then meets to make its final selection.

Selection Committee
The members of the 2013 Selection Committee are: Sheila Widnall, Institute Professor; Sara Ferry, Graduate Student in Nuclear Science and Engineering; Ann Warner-Harvey, Director of Administrative Services and Operations, VPF; John DiFava, Director, Facilities Operations and Security; Jay Perault, Deputy Chief, MIT Police. Committee members are not permitted to submit nominations and are not eligible to receive an award during the year they serve.

Nomination Deadline
The nomination process is now closed, as of January 10, 2014.

Award Presentation
The Collier Medal will be awarded annually to a member or group of members of our extended MIT community who have not previously received the Medal. The first award will be given on February 25, 2014 at the MIT Excellence Awards.