Suspicious Activity

At times, people return to their office or lab and find a stranger inside. The stranger usually has a "cover" story, such as looking for employment or trying to find some person. Regardless of the story provided, take close notice of the intruder's appearance, age, height, weight, and clothing, and notify the MIT Police (100 from an Institute phone) as soon as safety allows. DO NOT FORCEFULLY CONFRONT INTRUDERS or PURSUE THEM when they flee. Such action involves a high degree of risk, and has in the past resulted in assaults upon the victim of the crime. It is far more advisable to be able to provide a good description of an intruder and the direction of flight - to the MIT Police.

Written Information Security Program

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93H & I, if your lost or stolen laptop, flash drive, etc.contains someone else's personal information (e.g. Name with Social Security number, credit card, or driver's license) MIT may be required to initiate formal data breach notification. If there is ANY chance that sensitive information is on the device, email ( It is important when you file a report with the MIT Police about your stolen property that you notify the officer taking the report about this data breach.