December 21, 2018 Update

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Hats for the Homeless Holiday Drive. Special thanks to MIT Athletics / the MIT Baseball Team, and Community Policing Officer Miller for all their hard work and dedication to our community. The final batch of donations were dropped off at the Caspar Shelter on Albany Street on December 20th.


December 2018

Help us help those in need! The MIT Baseball Team and the MIT Police are asking the MIT community to grab a few extra winter clothing items this holiday season for the homeless in our community.

Look for the gift wrapped bins around campus – W20 (LaVerde's), E23, The Atlas Center, NW30, NW35, NW86, NW10, and most of the undergraduate dorms on Amherst Alley. Or swing by the station at W89/301 Vassar Street to drop off items.

We will deliver these items to the Caspar Shelter at 240 Albany Street on December 13th and December 20th.

Please contact Zach Roberts at, Sgt. Dave O’Connor at or Officer Dusty Miller at with any questions.