The MIT Police do not monitor this website 24/7. To report a crime, or accident,  please call us at 617-253-1212. Reports are not accepted online or by email. Calls to 911 go to the Massachusetts State Police then the Cambridge or Boston Police - not MIT Police.

See Something, Say Something

It is MIT's policy to protect the rights of all individuals and to safeguard the welfare of everyone in the MIT community. All members of the MIT community are expected to conduct themselves with proper respect for one another and for each other's property.

Blue light emergency telephones are located across campus, parking garages, and some basement corridor locations. Use them to report criminal or medical emergencies and all calls will be answered by the MIT Police.

Criminal activity or emergencies can also be reported by calling 617-253-1212 or by going to MIT Police headquarters at 301 Vassar St., building W89.